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Breeder Referrals

KCGRC Puppy Referral Contact:

Buyers are reminded that KCGRC cannot guarantee the quality, availability, or health of any puppy purchased as a result of a referral from its Puppy Referral service. Breeders may have more than one litter when you call or email.


It is up to the buyer to ask questions and make sure they are comfortable with the breeder they have chosen. KCGRC will not involve itself in disputes between buyers and breeders involved with the club's Puppy Referral service. While KCGRC encourages each member to uphold the GRCA Code of Ethics and the KCGRC Breeder Agreement, the Board of Directors SHALL NOT be held responsible for total enforcement.

Buyers should be aware that often there are more potential buyers than there are quality puppies available. This means that there may not be litters listed when you begin your search, breeders may have placed all puppies before your inquiry, or breeders may have a waiting list for their next litter. We encourage puppy buyers not to "give up" their search for a well-bred puppy. Patience pays off!

Only breeders who are current Kansas City Golden Retriever Club (KCGRC) members in good standing, and who meet certain requirements, are allowed to list their litters with Puppy Referral. These requirements are:

  1. Be a Member in good standing for at least 12 months prior to listing.

  2. Have signed and submitted the club's breeder agreement.

  3. Have received OFA hip, elbow and heart clearances, as well as a CERF or OFA eye clearance (done yearly) on both the sire and dam of the litter. Proof of clearances can be obtained by looking up the dogs' registered names on


We suggest you visit the Golden Retriever Club of America to help learn more about Golden Retrievers and choosing the right puppy.

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